Underwriting Guides

efore submitting an application for a client with known health concerns check the UW Guide and Prescription guide for the carrier you are considering for your client.

Use this quick guide below to check which carriers would be suitable for your client based on their health issues.

Quick UW Reference Guide for Health Issues

Click on the carrier name to expand and view the Underwriting Guides.

If your client has health issues and cannot be written with the other carriers then offer the AIG GIWL product: See details below.

AIG – GIWL Product Guide

Hassle-Free Whole life Insurance Coverage

  • Guaranteed Acceptance
  • No Medical Exam
  • Up to $25,000* in Coverage
  • Living Benefits are Included – at NO EXTRA COST
    (Subject to state approval)
    • Chronic Illness
    • Terminal Illness
  • Guaranteed Level Premiums
  • Developed for Ages 50-85

Sales Support: 888-266-8439

Contracting: 888‑266‑8489

Submitting New Business FAX: 800-531-0038

Website: https://www.atheneannuity.com

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Sales Support:  800-428-4947


Submitting new business FAX 877-608-4634

Website:https://www.gerberlife.com then go to agent to log in

Quoting: To Quote use app from the app store

ales Support: 888-794-4447


Submitting new business FAX 816-221-9674

Website: https://phoenixsalesnet.nsre.com

Quoting: Visit website

Sales Support:(888) 724-4267 ext. 4680

Contracting: (888) 724-4267 ext. 4660

Submitting New Business fax: 800-324-8943

Website: https://sagicorlifeusa.com

Agent portal: https://agent.sagicorlifeusa.com/wps/portal

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