Phone Scripts & Sales Tools

Phone Script Library


FFL New lead mortgage script – This is the script that Paul McClain uses in his video.


Mortgage Protection Script alternate – Mortgage Protection script altnernate version.


FFL Facebook final expense lead script – Use this script when calling on Facebook Final Expense leads.


Medicare Lead Script – Use this script when calling on Medicare leads.


Sales Tools

NEW FFL Financial Inventory – Use this form when doing an in-home presentation to complete the client financial inventory.

Old version Financial Inventory Worksheet – Use this when conducting a financial inventory during the in-home presentation.

Lead initial Health Questionnaire – Use this form when making phone calls to write down the important health info for a prospect.

Phone results tracker – Use this form to track the number of dials you make and the results you get. This is must when making dials so you can share with your manager and improve your results.

  ZOOM Overview - Use this when selling over ZOOM or any other video communication platform.