How You Get Paid & Promotional Guidelines


The most aggressive comp plan in the industry. Most companies are robbing agents and their families by paying them as little as possible. Check out how to get to 140% with fully vested renewals day one. We are pioneering to change the industry and pay the agents more.

Promotion Guidelines

Your commission level and promotion guidelines to achieve 140%

Commission Grid

We like to be upfront about everything from day one. Here is a commission grid for what commission rate every carrier product pays.

Agency Bonus Plan

It gets better, we even pay bonuses. Check out how agents and managers are making between $5,000 and $60,000 per month in a chargeback free bonus. We don’t like to brag, but most refer to us as the robin hood of insurance IMO’s.

Producer Bonus Plan

On top of high comps, FFL pays a cash bonus at the end of the year to producers.

FFL Athene Commission Structure

Commission grid for Athene Life and Annuity Company. One of FFLs proud partners.

Forecasting your financial future with FFL


Compare FFL opportunity with a Franchise business opportunity that would require you to invest thousands and some even hundreds of thousands.  This report was provided by the Franchise Business Review based on franchisee survey results.  Not one business has an average of over $110,000 per year.