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Reach out to your hiring manager or VP or Sales Manager to be directed to the correct department
Sales Support: 800-677-3311 prompt 2 New Business Status: 800-247-8837 Contracting: 866-424-4524 AIG GIWL phone number: 877-399-7747 Submitting New Business FAX 855-612-9959 Website: Quoting:
Sales Support: 888-266-8439 Contracting: 888‑266‑8489 Submitting New Business FAX: 800-531-0038 Website: Quoting: Visit website
Sales Support: 800.231.0801 or Contracting: Submit New business: FAX 800-395-9261 (Pending Biz): FAX 800-395-9238 Email to submit new business: (recommended) Americo PHONE INTERVIEW- 800-395-9179 (3-way client in) Americo Mouth Swabs- 800-882-1922 to complete Training for Saliva Website: Quoting:
Sales Support: 1.800.423.9765 Contracting: 1.800.423.9765 Submitting new business FAX (Don’t forget Fax Cover Sheet): 877-270-3266 CFG- 800-423-9765 X5944(safeshield) CFG Phone interview-800-423-97 68 x5917 CFG- 800-3051335 X4902 (Final Expense) Website: Quoting: See instructions below Android users: To quote On your Android device, use Play Store and type ‘CFG SafeShield Calculator’ and for final expense ‘CFG final expense calculator’. iPhone users: Email and Request CFG quoting app for iPhone users: Safeshield Password: cfgsit Final expense Password: cfgfe
Sales Support: 866-466-7166 Contracting: 866-466-7166 Submitting new business FAX 877-329-4631 Website: Agent login: Quoting:
Sales Support:  800-428-4947 Contracting: Submitting new business FAX 877-608-4634 Website: then go to agent to log in Quoting: To Quote use app from the app store

Global Atlantic - Accordia


Mutual of Omaha - MOO




Royal Neighbors of America




TransAmerica Premier

Sales Support:  (855) 887-4487, option 3 Contracting:  (855) 887-4487, option 7 Submitting New Business Fax: 800-262-6976 or email (preferred) Website: Quoting: Visit website
Sales Support:  (800) 693-6083 Commissions: 800-475-4465 Life Underwriting / Risk Assessment: 800-775-7896 Contracting: (800) 867-6873 Submitting New Business (NEW BUSINESS) Fax: 1-402-997-1800 (Pending Requirements) Fax:1-402-997-1850 Mutual of Omaha PHONE INTERVIEW- 800-775-3000 Website: Producer Login Quoting:
Sales Support: 888-794-4447 Contracting: Submitting new business FAX 816-221-9674 Website: Quoting: Visit website
Sales Support:(800) 770-4561, option 1 Contracting: 800-770-4561 ext 4175 Royal Neighbors PHONE INTERVIEW- 866-345-2532 Submitting new business FAX 866-787-1450 Website: Quoting:
Sales Support:(888) 724-4267 ext. 4680 Contracting: (888) 724-4267 ext. 4660 Submitting New Business fax: 800-324-8943 Website: Agent portal: Quoting: Visit website
Sales Support: 1-877-234-4848, option 6 Underwriting: 1-877-234-4848, option 1 Contracting: 1-877-234-4848, option 3 Phone interview- 800-292-1513 Submitting new business FAX 866-834-0437 Paramed for Fully underwritten apps Exam One-(877)933-9261 Portamedic- (877)826-9796 APPS- (800)727-2101 Website: Quoting:

We have several carriers but you should try and stick with the core carriers (top 3-5) 80% of the time and here’s why.

  1. When you limit the number of companies you write with you become very familiar with their product, underwriting guidelines, and extremely efficient in writing apps.
  2. The carriers offer bonuses and trips when you write certain volume with them in a 12 month period.  Limiting to a few companies will help you qualify for the trips and bonuses.
  3.  You will get chargebacks and if you are writing the same companies any new business you write will offset the chargebacks so you don’t go into the red with a carrier.
  4. Easier to follow up and manage your pending business.